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You visited this webpage becauCse you are a true movie & TV show enthusiast, and I would like you to know that you are on the perfect page as it will certainly satisfy everything relevant to your search. Showbox was a streaming application that is widely used to watch movies & shows for absolutely free. But due to copyright enforcement, Showbox is not able to serve anymore, but people need to move on! In this article, I will share some of the best alternatives to ShowBox to get back your free entertainment package.

Movies & TV Shows are an important source of entertainment, and some freaks do not sleep until they complete their routine binge. Although it is illegal to stream unlicensed content from third-party applications, you will be safe as it is not possible to punish millions of people guilty for this petty crime. Let us not fritter away the time we have and move further to the main subject.

Before we move on to the main subject, please have a look at these important points:

Apps like Showbox (Tested & Working) – Showbox Alternative apps

ShowBox is an online streaming platform where you can watch your favorite movies and shows for absolutely free. Showbox was widely used by millions of people all over the world but in August 2019, this fantastic application was shut down by law enforcement due to copyright claims. Therefore, I am sharing the list of applications which can be subject as the next Showbox or a potential alternative.


We all know that Showbox will never be back, and it’s a sure time to switch to something more reliable and trustworthy. I came across this application around 4 weeks back, and I am still using it for my entertainment needs. It is an Android application and is also stable to use on your FireStick devices. Cinema APK (HD MOVIES) offers a wide variety of content, which includes premium & newly released movies and TV shows. Like Showbox, it is absolutely free and does not frustrate you by projecting useless pop-up ads. It is my first recommendation because I have experienced that the content is uploaded consistently, and you do not wait for too long for your favorite episode. If you are struggling to find a reliable source to watch movies and TV shows, then Cinema APK will be a perfect choice for you.


AceTV is released recently and has around 500 happy users, and I am one of those. I tried AceTV because my friend recommended me and told me about the switch theme mode. Yes, you can switch to two different modes, dark & light according to your requirement. Apart from that, it offers a variety of content that includes movies & shows. AceTV is different from other streaming applications as it also offers Live TV, which means you can watch TV anywhere you want and also, you can watch previous episodes too. It features a unique but simple grid interface that makes it more appealing and attractive. AceTV is new in this segment, and that is the reason it will stand longer than the other old streaming applications. There is no lag or glitch in the application yet and that is why I suggest to try your hands on it.

Titanium TV

Terrarium TV is another online movie & show streaming application. No, I did not spell it wrong. The application I was talking about is down and does not serve anymore, but Titanium TV is said to be a clone of the Terrarium TV application. I am sure that after trying Titanium TV, none of you would miss Showbox. Titanium TV is integrated with a user-friendly interface, which makes it easy & simple to use for everyone. Besides, it projects an array of movies and shows and also does not ruins your watching experience by displaying annoying ads in between the content. I believe that Titanium TV won’t disappoint you and will satisfy all your entertaining needs. Also, if you are opting for Titanium TV, then please make a comment below describing your experience with it.


Kodi is one of my personal favorite streaming applications because of the easy interface it offers. It is surely different from every other streaming application as it not only offers movies and shows but also projects Live TV, Sports and a lot more things we watch on our DTH TV. If you are a movie fanatic, then Kodi has a wide range of movies, and you can choose according to your genre. It is surely a reliable source to watch premium content for free works like an open-source project, and many professional developers work together to entertain us by providing a stable source. I know you used to love Showbox, but believe me, Kodi will totally change your mind, and you won’t ever miss Showbox. If you are creating a list of reliable sources to stream movies, then you can undoubtedly add Kodi to it.


TeaTV can be subjected to the upgraded version of AceTV. Just like any other online streaming application, TeaTV also projects new movies and shows for absolutely free. It is designed to be used on Android, but I have tested it, and TeaTV also works fine on smart TV and FireStick. It does affect your experience by projecting some ads, but you will not face pop-up or block ads. If you want to get rid of the advertisements, then you can install the ad-free apk of TeaTV for free, and you won’t witness ads anymore on it. Download TeaTV AD-FREE APK from [HERE] Now, you can witness your desired content without losing or compromising your experience and for absolutely free.


Last but not least, TVZion is serving people by streaming premium shows and movies for completely free of charge. It is not the best alternative to Showbox, but you can always try it as it is free and stable. The interface is quite impressive, and it has a wide variety of content that includes the majority of new movies & shows and some popular animated series too. Although this application needs little more improvement when it comes to the UI, one can rely on it for watching their favorite movies and shows. If you cannot find anything that seems like Showbox, then you should definitely try TVZion and people are expecting it to be a lot better in future updates.

Note: It is not legal to stream content on these applications but you won’t be in any trouble doing so as millions of people are guilty of it. But to be on a safe track, connect your device to a virtual private network (VPN) which will manipulate your IP address & location.

Some legal & free alternatives to Showbox


Crackle is a streaming service offered by the Sony Entertainment production. It absolutely free and legal as it only projects legal content. The content is of high quality but limited.

Tubi TV

I have mentioned this application before in social posts of mine, but again if you are a movie freak, then Tubi TV is perfect for you. It has categorized the content according to the genres. It might project some add, but it is always better to stream legal content.


Stremio is a platform that allows you to stream movies, shows, and much more on it. It is free and available for everyone (macOS, Linux, Windows & Android). I suggest you try this amazing application, which is a perfectly legal alternative to Showbox.


It really feels bad when somebody leaves us forever, and you won’t believe I literally felt bad when Showbox went down forever. Anyways in order to continue the show, one has to move forward and leave the things that don’t matter anymore. In this comprehensive article, I shared some of the best alternatives to Showbox. I state each application as a safe and reliable source to entertain oneself without paying anything. I hope this article helped you with your search and satisfied all your queries. But in case you face any issue or doubt, then please make a comment below, and I will revert to it in no big time.

Which is your favorite movie & show streaming application? Please share your experience with the applications mentioned in this article.

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