How To Install Showbox On Smart TV

Now you also can enjoy showbox on Smart TV or some people usually call it as chromecast. Showbox now become one of very popular android application owned by people in their devices. It can be downloaded to android phone, iPhone, iPad, and in their own PC. Now you can download it in your phone and you can connect and share it to the smart TV. Streaming favorite movies and TV shows now can be done more comfortably with the smart TV. If you feel so confuse about this information, stay in this article and read it to realize your desire using showbox with the smart TV.


Showbox android apk is an amazing application because it can be connected to your smart TV from your phone or PC. You can imagine how interesting it will be. You can enjoy seeing favorite movies and TV shows in streaming in the larger screen. Showbox is legal and they will connect you with the reliable sites providing TV streaming and movies streaming with safety.

Showbox is also very comfortable to use because it has good navigation, and of course it is extremelly free with no cost and fees. It will be faster as well, of course showbox android apk is made for convenience.


Showbox apk will provide you faster streaming. Now you can enjoy it from smart TV. Alright you are very curious about the steps and procedure. It will be very easy to be able to install showbox for your smart TV, the steps are as follow;

  • From your smart TV, go to setting menus, then allow the installation for the third party like from image below.
  • Tap on “unknown sources” then allow the installation process
  • Download showbox android apk for smart TV from here. Then install it and just be patient during its installation process
  • After the file is installed, open your smart TV main menu then tap the showbox icon.
  • If the installation is succeed, you can see the screen like the image below. And now you can enjoy watching movies and TV shows streaming in online from the smart TV.


This process will be very easy to do but you need to remember that if the process does not work, try another alternative by downloading Growbox and AllCast from your android phone at first before you download and run your showbox android application for your smart TV. Those application will let you to send url from android to your smart TV. This way will let you getting the show you run from android and you can enjoy from your smart TV.

Hopefully this article about showbox android apk on smart TV is helpful very much for you. If you have some questions and suggestions, just fill the comment box below. It will be the good feedback for this article. We are pleased also if you also want to share it to other people through social media.


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