Fixing Showbox Error “Video not Available-Try Another Server

Fixing showbox error will be easy to do especially if you can find the best source in which you can get the solutions to apply. Showbox is an amazing application which can be compatible to any device like android, PC and Mac. It is provided for free, and it will not require you any pennies. With this application, you can watch and download movies and TV shows with very easy navigation and very eye-pleasing design. This application also allows you to watch movies online and it will be very interesting.

In some cases we almost find the problems or error with showbox android application. It will be a very bad things if you are really wanted to watch movies and streaming TV shows from this application but there is an error that disturb you very much. You should fix the error soon, and then you can run the showbox android apk properly again to enjoy your favorite movies. Here we are trying to help you by giving some solutions to fix showbox error. Just stay here and make sure that you fill the steps correctly.


Video Not Available, Try Another Server Solution

This is one of the common error happened to the showbox users. However, you can easily fix this showbox application not working properly only by the simple solution. Users might get the notification or warning about this problem, this error is usually happened to such android smartphones like HTC or Samsung Galaxy, and this problem could be happened to other android phones.

You need to recognize at first whether you get the notification like as you can see on the image below.


  • To fix showbox erorr on this case, you need to clear data/cache on your device/android smartphones.
  • Settings > apps > tap on ShowBox and tap clear data and clear cache options.
  • This procedure also can be done to solve other problem like “Unfortunatelly, showbox has stopped”.

Thank you for reading this article about how to fix showbox error. If the problems is still happened to your device, we suggest you to uninstall the application and the reinstall it. In some cases this step is properly work to fix showbox problem for the cases I have mentioned above. Updating showbox version to the new version could be the other good idea as well. We really wish your feedback through comments, questions and suggestion in our comment box below. You are also pleased to share this article to the other person who need it very much.


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